Gifts from the Sea

Belinda and her husband Jack (Duke Box) are currently touring with their show 'Gifts from the Sea' which is a mixture of ancient stories and modern song. Once a fisherman and his family lived in an isolated cove. One night under the magic of the full moon the young fisherman wished for love, but he soon discovers that secrets are storms and songs are snares. Will he find true love among the ever shifting waves of the deep and briny sea?

  Consumate professionalism in an awkward venue...

 You have the spell-binding storytellers gift.  Cordell

Online Personal Storytelling Skills

Learning the ancient art of oral storytelling develops confidence and public speaking skills. It also develops emotional literacy, self-awareness, compassion and empathy. Working with stories from your life experiences enables you to reflect on your past and develop new and healthier ways going forward. Understanding the complex relationship between story, teller and audience is a fascinating and rewarding journey of self discovery.  To find out more or book a taster session External link opens in new tab or windowemail BelindaMcKenna-Bicknell.

 Brilliant engaging storytelling with my soon to be 6 year old who is now being home schooled.